Jun 7, 2008

Second Try

Thanks to willing parents and great 9-year-old model, I made a second attempt at karate shots this past week. At the previous shoot, I wasn't satisfied with the amount of blur I was getting. So, this time, I upped the shutter speed and ISO to accommodate for the fast movement.

Before shooting, the model and I and sat down for about 15 minutes and discussed poses and camera mechanics, not to mention the ins and outs of karate belt advancements. During the shoot, he imparted a wealth of information (as most 9-year-olds do), and I had to make sure I got a shot of that too! After taking some time outside, I decided to experiment with silhouettes inside his house. I'm really pleased with the results.

His mom and dad both have blogs (Stop the Insanity and Who Did What to Who?), so I'm including low resolution versions of the photos on the CD I'll be giving them soon. That way, they can post additional photos from my shoots on their own blogs. I love seeing my work on my clients' sites. One model and her son used my photo in their blog header. Check out Roman's Big Heart.

Do you have school-age kids who would like to model for my Kids and Teens project? It's free (yes, free!) and you can find out all the details here.


  1. The silhouettes turned out amazing! The action ones are great and I think it is so neat that you did an "explanantion" one! I'll have to get my blog updated.

  2. They are very nice! Like Jamie, I enjoy the silhouettes the most...