Apr 29, 2014

Showing you at your Best | Alpharetta GA Senior Photographer

What you do when you've had pictures taken by another photographer but you hate them?  Marchet to the rescue!

I've had this happen to several clients of mine I'm happy to say was able to provide portraits that were not only better than the pictures they got from their previous photographer, but were images that my clients were happy to show off to others. My ultimate goal is to show you at your very best.

It all has to do with communication. During the session I'm going to ask you what you like and what you don't like about yourself in your pictures. We will work to minimize the things you don't like and emphasize the things you do like. Plus, I know how to pose you and light you in ways that are most flattering. Finally, because you know that you're going to look good (and yes, I'm going to show you the back of the camera so you know I'm getting good shots), you're going to have a good time. And that makes all the difference in your expression and in your experience during our shoot. Check out these pictures from a recent senior session.

Apr 17, 2014

Real Estate Agent Headshots | Atlanta GA Headshot Photographer

Though I'm known mostly for my on-location family portraits, I also am passionate about creating beautiful headshots for business professionals. In this case, I did headshots for Atlanta real estate agents Debbie Redford and Debbie DeWinne of All Atlanta Realty and Color It Sold.

For these headshots, we wanted to have something that could both be used on business cards and on posters. We kept with a neutral background and soft lighting which I set up at their office on the morning of the shoot. As in any headshot, we worked to achieve a look that was both accessible, trustworthy, and professional. If you are interested in headshots, please contact me. I would love to be your photographer.