Aug 28, 2010

Urban Portraits | Alpharetta GA Teen Photographer

This summer I did some modeling/mentoring work with a good friend of mine. She modeled for me, and I for her. It was fun to find some urban spots to shoot in around downtown Alpharetta.

I took my son along and gave him a little camera to play with. I love having a couple photos from a 3-year-old's perspective.

Couldn't pass up the chance for a good portrait. I set up the camera settings and let my friend take these portraits with my camera. Definitely some of my favorite pictures!

Aug 25, 2010

My best shoot to date | Roswell GA Family Photography

This awesome family has been good friends of mine for a few years, and the mom, also a photo-enthusiast, and I have been planning and plotting for this shoot for months! So, it was a combination of factors that made this one of my most fabulous shoots ever: great morning light, awesome location in historic Roswell, good clothing choices, lots of ideas by mom and by me, a fabulous lens and camera, and of couse the most photogenic family! 

What I love about these photos the most is the romance between the parents. So, so beautiful. The kids are just a hoot, too. Check out the youngest! We loved the way his personality came out so beautifully. I'm so excited about the final product to come from these photos--big canvases and prints for their family's living areas and stairway. They're going to be awesome!

Aug 24, 2010

Family Treasure: 16 x 20 Storyboard

Here's the 16x20 storyboard design I created for one of my family shoots. The hardest thing was making the paisley background! They family had it printed on metallic paper--gorgeous color saturation and a rich metallic sheen--and are going to have it framed. It was so fun to create a piece that will be treasured through generations.

Aug 21, 2010

Cannon Beach | Couple Portraits

Here are some photos from our recent trip to Oregon. Cannon Beach was incredibly beautiful, but to a girl used to the Georgia heat, very cold! I had such a fun time shooting some portraits of my sister and her husband. So romantic!

Aug 20, 2010

Editing rocks

This summer, my family spent some time in Portland OR for my brother's wedding. I shot some (okay, a LOT) of photos of my family while there. This is one of my favorite portraits of my sister. She wanted the photo right away, but I wanted her to have the fully edited version. It takes more time--about 20-30 minutes if you are doing face retouching, eye sharpening, color enhancing, and vignetting--but I think the result speaks for itself. Hope you love it sis!