Sep 29, 2009

Welcome Little One: Newborn Session

It's been a while since I posted. I've taken a vacation from the business to catch up with my own family photos, relax, and just enjoy time being a mom and a wife. I haven't stopped taking photos, though (just ask my relatives). A what's-been-up-with-the-Butler-family post is well overdue, but that's not today's task.

Aren't these cute!? This darling little boy was a real pleasure to photograph. We took photos of him while he was awake and alert in the morning (one of two or three times during the day) and what amazing little expressions he has! His mom just squealed with delight (girl, you really did) when she saw these photos. What fun!

A note on the announcement: Often when I create a design for a client, I include the family name or the name of the child in the design. Since this is a public blog, I often change the names of my clients to protect them and their little ones online. I had my friends on Facebook help me come up with a cute alternate name for this baby boy and used that for the design you see here. Thanks!

And one of the whole family . . .