Jun 9, 2017

Five Tips for Making Portraits Part of your Summer Plans

The other day I was looking for some recent portraits of my family that weren't selfies or quick snapshots, and I realized it had been over a year since we'd had formal portraits taken. I used to be so good about doing formal portraits every spring and fall, but with our lives getting more busy and with my business growing, it's been hard to prioritize family portraits. However, we are going to have them done as part of our vacation this summer. And I'm so excited!

I know I'm not the only one who has good intentions about having portraits done but never get around to them. (I even bought a new outfit for my son which, I'm sure, he has grown out of by now!)

That's why a call to a photographer to get your session on the calendar really helps move the process along. If I had set a date for those portraits instead of waiting for "when I had time", I'm sure we would have done them by now. So, lesson learned. I've got a date and a location for our next family portrait session and now I just need to make sure we have the right clothes for the occasion -- it's going to be a formal portrait. Did I say I was excited?!

Here are 5 tips for getting your portrait session plans moving this summer:

  1. All Together this Summer? Schedule Portraits. This season is one of the only times some families are together -- especially if older ones are off in college or have their own families and live farther away. As kids and families get older, there are only certain times that a family portrait is possible. Make sure to take advantage of the occasion to have a family portrait.

  2. Have Portraits Taken while on Vacation. If you are going on a trip, plan to have portraits taken as part of the experience. Many cruises have photography sessions available, and there are seasoned photographers who do portraits in popular vacation spots. Check out the Professional Photographers of America "Find a Photographer" resource for a qualified photographer in the area. By the way, if you are vacationing in the Atlanta-area, I'm available for Atlanta family portraits.

  3. Plan a Family Portrait Session before the Wedding. Summer is a popular time for weddings, so if you have a wedding in the family, consider having a family portrait session a couple days before the wedding. My family did this before my brother's wedding several years ago and I'm so glad we did. It is the only portrait we have of everyone in the family including grand kids and spouses. I'm not sure we have all been together in the same place since then!

  4. Hit the Beach First, then the Portrait Session. Have a beach vacation planned this summer? A lot of my clients like to have their portraits taken after they've had a little sun. Scheduling your session a week or two after you get home from vacation is great. It lets you have a bit of a rest from your vacation and you'll still have your summer tan. You can even wear a new outfit you bought on vacation!

  5. Book Fall Sessions Now. Want to wait until fall when the leaves are changing and the weather is a little cooler? Book your September, October, or November session with your photographer now. Fall is the busiest season for family photographers and spots fill up fast. Getting your date on the calendar now is the best way to ensure you'll have that spot you want.

If you are in the North Fulton area (Milton, Alpharetta, Roswell, Cumming, Johns Creek), we'd be thrilled to take care of your family portraits!

Summer is a great time for portraits, especially in the evening when the light is so beautiful and it has cooled down a bit. I regularly create portraits at my clients' home -- where we have an air-conditioned space to duck into between takes. And yes, we can do them indoors instead if it's raining or if it's too hot outside.

We regularly do weekend sessions because we know that's when families can be together. Contact us for more information.