Feb 24, 2015

Snow Dog Day | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

My sweet cockapoo (in full winter coat) often has this somber introspective look, but he is lovin' this snow! After lots of sniffing and investigation, I could barely get him back inside after taking pictures. Enjoy your snow day!

Feb 9, 2015

Spa and Image Consultant Headshot | Professional Business Headshot Photographer in Alpharetta GA

I love photographing headshots, especially for small business owners like this wonderful BeautiControl spa and image consultant. A polished, professional headshot on your business card and website says so much about how seriously you take yourself and your services/products. 

This shoot was especially fun because I got a complimentary spa and beauty treatment before the shoot. Now that's how you pamper a photographer! 

Interested in headshots like these? Contact me and we'll talk!