Jun 28, 2008


"Summer isn't summer without Popsicles," mom remarked after our photo shoot ended with 4 kids enjoying their treat. I took a different approach with this shoot since I've wanted more practice shooting groups, so I really focused on getting some nice shots of all 4 of them together. Of course, I had to post some individual shots too. Don't you love the one of the boy jamming on his guitar? He really let loose on that thing.

I'm very encouraged by the amount of traffic we're receiving on the website. We're not only getting hits from people interested in our photography services, but also from people looking up information on spot color photography, mom and baby models, candids, and clothing choices. In fact, I did a Google search the other day for "what to wear to a family photo shoot," and we appeared 5th on the list! Check out our page on What to Wear to Your Photo Shoot.

I just looked at my calendar of upcoming shoots, and I am out of models for my Kids and Teens Project! This project runs through July and I'd really like to get some more shoots in before I have to take a hiatus for a small surgery. So, if you have school-age kids who would like to model for my project at no cost(!), please contact us.

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