May 29, 2008

Learning Curve

If you've been watching recent posts, you know I've started a new photo project, this one focusing on school-age kids and teens. My good friend, fellow blogger, and amazing cake decorator volunteered her kids to model for the project, and we spent a morning at a nearby park doing the shoot. What we ended up doing was a kind of mixture of portraits and candids (my usual fare) with some special modeling shots of the two oldest at the end.

Before the shoot, I asked the two oldest to pick an activity that they like to do, and you can guess what the boy picked: karate! I have never shot a karate kick in motion before. Wow! It moves fast! I like some of the photos I got, but (provided my model is willing) I'll want to try again later. This Kids and Teens project will have me doing a lot more action and sports photography, and that's exactly why I'm doing it . . . to learn and expand my photography expertise.

The oldest girl picked an easier-to-shoot activity, drawing. And those photos turned out wonderfully! I'll do a separate post on those photos later. If you live in the Roswell or Alpharetta area and have school-age children or teens who would like to model for my Kids and Teens Photo Project, please email me. I need more models!

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  1. Caleb would love to do more karate for you! These look great, Marchet! I'll email your blog to my brownie troop and see if any are interested for you.