Jun 2, 2008


I had the opportunity to photograph this eight-year-old artist while doing a shoot with her other brothers and sister. I have a soft spot for children who like to draw because I was never without a pencil and paper when I was their age. This artist definitely knew what she wanted to draw: "It's a cross between a seal and a golden retriever," she announced while starting to outline her picture. Then, as she was running her pencil up and down the bottom of the drawing, she said, "First you do the shading; then you draw the details." What imagination and precision! I even got to keep the finished drawing as a souvenir.

I love capturing a bit of "real life" during these photo sessions. Posed photos are beautiful, but these lifestyle photos are part of what makes the day-in and day-out interaction with children so memorable.

Thanks to the moms who have volunteered their kids to model for my project. I still need more models! I have spots available on June 16th, 26th, and 27th. Lots of dates in July are also available. If you live in the Roswell or Alpharetta area (or can travel here for a shoot), please contact me to have your kids model for my Kids and Teen Photo Project.

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  1. My favourite pictures of Mischa are the unposed ones- they show more of her quiet and thoughtful nature.