Feb 14, 2012

Teen Photography & Modeling Workshop | Atlanta GA Photography Teacher

Check out these gorgeous gals from my recent teen photography workshop! My teen workshop is especially suited to students who want to learn photography and modeling tips together -- participants get to learn how to shoot using appropriate backgrounds in the right light, and then also have a chance to model and pose for the camera. Thanks gals! We had such a great time. 

And here's some work from the participants/models!

Creative Valentine Card | Alpharetta GA Children's Photographer

This year, I was inspired by an idea in FamilyFun magazine -- a photo card with a "giant" lollipop coming out of the subject's hands.

I thought it might be even more fun to do a card with a heart-shaped balloon instead. I could make it look like my little guy was floating in the air. I also got heart-shaped chocolates to glue to the cards as treats. Last week, my little boy posed for me--for about 15 minutes--and we got the shots necessary to make this adorable card. Look below for some behind-the-scenes shots of what went into making the finished image.

Composite shot below: