Oct 5, 2013

Before and After | Alpharetta GA Portrait Photographer

I am not a crafty person. Creative, yes. Artistic, yes. But give me paint and a block of wood, and I'll turn it into a fine art piece, not a craft. That's why, if you see crafts in my home, it's most likely that I did not make them. I bought them.

Every year, my church's women's group has a craft night, "Friday Night Frenzy." And it is a frenzy! Imagine 30+ women completing crafts ranging from modge-podged family photo displays to homemade lime sugar scrub. Oh, so not my thing.

Last year, I tried. I really did. I finished one craft -- a job chart board that got used maybe 5 times -- and took home the makings for about 3 other craft projects. I didn't touch them, month after month. Finally, my husband looked at them and said, "You're not really going to make these, are you?" And off they went to Goodwill.

The organizers of the night know not everyone wants to do crafts, so it's a social event with yummy, yummy soups, salad, and goodies, classes, and plenty of time to visit. I always enjoy getting to know members of my congregation better, so I never miss the night, but this time, I had a plan.

I brought my laptop and edited photos. It was, in a word, awesome. Most of the time while I'm editing, I'm alone, up too late (or too early) and not interacting with anything except Netflix. I got a lot of editing done, and had a blast chatting with old and new friends. It was such a nice change!

Here's a sample of what I did last night.