Nov 29, 2010

Smiles in Autumn | Roswell GA Family Photography

Back from Thanksgiving and back at editing. This sweet family was really fun to work with, especially their little boy! I don't think I've ever had such an easy time getting smiles out of a child. He was fun and playful and very good with his sister. Little sis was a little harder, but some playing in the leaves got that grin. You can see another image of this sweetie on our Facebook page.

I shoot mostly families, especially those with young children. A few people have asked me how I can manage that. I've found that parents go a long way in setting the stage for the shoot.

Here are my top tips for parents during a family shoot:

  • Expect your children to take a little time to warm-up to the photographer. Many kids are shy at first.
  • Bring wipes or tissues! Runny noses and drool don't make for good photos.
  • Kids may need to take small breaks in between poses. Remember, they are working. Posing for photos isn't easy for a busy child!
  • Allow the kids to wander around and explore (with a parent or sibling for safety) while the photographer is shooting others. This keeps them entertained and may provide opportunities for fun candids.
  • Don't use harsh words or upset children. Avoid using threats or bribes.
  • Let the photographer coax the smile or reaction out of your child. It's their job! (And having multiple people try to make a child smile can confuse him/her.)
  • If the photographer asks you to help get a smile, stand directly behind the camera so the child is looking in the right direction when he/she smiles.
  • If your child does have a melt down or a crying fit, let it happen, and then let it pass. You'd be surprised how fast kids can be back to normal.
  • Expect babies, toddlers (and dare I say it? dads, too) to be "done" after 45 minutes to an hour of shooting.
  • Remember, a family shoot is fun, but it's also work (for everyone). It's very appropriate to go out for ice cream or enjoy a treat together after the shoot.

Nov 13, 2010

Afternoon Light | Alpharetta GA Family Photographer

With Daylight Savings ended, the best time for shooting has shifted to the afternoon, and I'm just loving capturing family portraits in this gorgeous light! Enjoy the sneak peek. 

Nov 10, 2010

Photo Workshop | Alpharetta GA Photography Workshops

Last month, I decided to hold my first Photo Workshop for photography friends who either had participated in Photo Club or were interested in learning more about photography. Because it was my first time teaching a workshop, I kept the price very reasonable and hoped that at least 3 people would sign up. On workshop day, we had 7 participants. Hooray!

The workshop was such a success. We covered the basics of photography, composition, and camera control, then practiced shooting in and outdoors with some wonderful models. We also had a chance to touch on some editing tips. Whew! It was a lot to get through in three hours, but I know everyone learned a lot. Here are a few of the exit comments: 
  • It was cool to be around people who have a love of photography.
  • I loved learning about the technique/settings, and then applying the knowledge through shooting.
  • The best part? The shooting. I learned a lot in this session. 
And yes, I am planning to hold another Photo Workshop, but after Christmas when things calm down a bit. I'm so busy shooting for clients this season! Contact me if you would like to be notified of an upcoming Photo Workshop. 

We worked on shooting at high ISOs and no flash indoors. 

Shooting in open shade helped us avoid weird shadows on our models' faces.

Getting close, close, close is important in portrait photography.

We loved this little model. Such a darling face!

Posing our models for the birds eye shot.

Most amateur photographers who shoot in bright sunlight during the middle of the day get pictures like this . . . 

But we turned that bright light to our advantage and got pictures like these: 

The models took our group photo!

Images from some of our workshop participants:

You can see some more of Dora's images here

You can see some more of Michelle's images here

Nov 5, 2010

Oh Boys! | Norcross GA Family Photographer

Oh, how I love shooting families with boys! They make the play and interaction so fresh and real in my portraiture. I especially loved seeing how these two little guys warmed up to me as we shot with their mom and dad last week in historic Norcross. Enjoy the sneak peek!