Jun 19, 2014

Dahlonega - Family-Friendly Day Trips from Atlanta

A note from Marchet: Not ready to hit the beach or head out for a long trip? Want to do something fun in the area, but want to get out of Atlanta? Check out these awesome Dahlonega day-trip ideas from Melinda

One of my favorite places to take my kids for a day trip is Dahlonega, Georgia.  Dahlonega is about 50 minutes north of Alpharetta and filled with fun family activities.  Here are some of our favorite things to do in Dahlonega:

Gold Panning/Gem Mining:  Dahlonega is famous for its gold rush history.  The kids will love visiting a working gold mine and panning for gold or gems (my kids prefer the gems).  There are a couple of different mines in the area, but we like Crisson Gold Mine.

Yahoola Creek Reservoir:  If you are leaving Crisson Gold mine, you can’t miss the parking area for Yahoola Creek Reservoir.  It is just a few minutes down the road towards downtown Dahlonega.  Besides being incredibly beautiful, there are great picnic tables and lots of big rocks for my kids to climb. There are also a lot of ducks and geese here, if you want to bring bread.  We usually don’t and the kids enjoy seeing the ducks without the geese being too intimidating looking for more bread!

Waterfalls:  There are so many amazing waterfalls within easy driving distance of Dahlonega.  All of the waterfalls listed on this page have hikes suitable for kids—I have been to all of these waterfalls and love them!  Tip:  Some of the waterfalls listed are actually closer to Helen than Dahlonega.  While in Dahlonega, we love DeSoto Falls and Dicks Creek Falls.  Dicks Creek is one suitable wading and playing in the water.  So be sure to bring a change of clothes for later!

Historic Downtown:  We love going in the shops that are in the Historic Town Square right in downtown Dahlonega.  There are so many fun shops, but my kids love the General Store the best.  We always end the day with a visit to Connie’s Ice Cream Parlor & Sandwich Shop for some giant ice cream cones.

Tip:  If you are looking for an old fashioned 4th of July, consider visiting Dahlonega.  Their 4th of July celebration is filled with fun, family friendly, activities! 

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