Jun 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day | The Worth of a Photograph

Some photographs mean more than others. This one is especially important to me: it's me and my dad. (Thank you, Jacob Butler for taking it!)

I think I'm probably my dad's "mini me." We are both artists and entrepreneurs. We are passionate about imagery, design, personal and client relationships, and teaching. We have similar senses of humor, views on politics, and a love of all things pickled :). My dad has been my mentor, supporter, and my biggest fan throughout the years, and I would not be the same person without him.

This photograph means so much to me now, just a year after it was taken. Just think how much more it will mean through the years. If you don't have a portrait with your dad or other special family member in your life, please contact me. I would love to make that happen for you.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men out there that have cared for and inspired kids of all ages!

Oh, and because this is a blog about my work, here's the headshot portrait I took of my dad that day:

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