Jun 17, 2014

Author Headshots | Alpharetta GA Headshot Photographer

Are you the kind of person who hates having their picture taken? You aren't the only one. Lots of people are nervous about being in front of the camera and here's why: The camera lies. That's right. It lies.

Just think about it. When you take a picture, you are converting a three-dimensional person with all their movement and physical depth and compressing it into a flat, two-dimensional image. So all the foreground, middle ground, and background are squished together while the super mega-pixel cameras of today make every wrinkle and blemish crystal clear. That means they look heavier, older, and, (in many cases) uncomfortable in pictures because they think it isn't going to turn out well.

So many of my clients are camera wary for exactly these reason. And I don't blame them!

As a professional photographer, I specialize in creating images that actually look like the person I'm shooting. Basically, I'm creating the illusion of three dimensions. I use lighting, long lenses, flattering clothing choices, post-processing, and (on request) professional hair and makeup to create a portrait of you that you will both like and be proud to show off to others.

These images are from a headshot session I did with Young Adult author Gina Ciocca. Her debut novel, Last Year's Mistake, is due out next summer and she needed professional headshots for her author bio. She was nervous about having her picture taken--yes, even gorgeous people get nervous! Here's what she wrote to me after seeing the initial proofs:
"Wow, these came out great, considering how much I usually hate having my picture taken! . . . I can't wait to see one of them on the back cover of my book! :)"
Gina had a great idea to have people vote on which image she should use on the book jacket. I've put up a poll on my Facebook page here: Go vote!

And, for all those readers out there, check out Gina's blog. She interviews other authors, writes about her inspiration, and tells it how it really is to be both an author and a mom of a new kiddo.

Are you a writer, author, or speaker in need of a headshot? Let's talk!

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  1. Thank you for the compliment, Marchet! I *was* nervous about being in front of the camera. I'm always behind it, and when I get in front, my discomfort shows. But you were so easy to work with, and did such a great job with the photos. I'm very excited to have one on my book!