Aug 11, 2014

First Day of School | Getting great smiles out of your own kids!

Yay! School has started. Like most other moms here (at least by what I've seen on Facebook), I have to take the "first day of school" holding the sign/kid in a backpack picture. However, this time, I thought I'd do at least one good portrait of my kiddo before he got on the bus.

Now, here's the trick: make it a game. My son knows that when the camera comes out, silly/crazy/funny pictures are OKAY! If he wants me to take it, I shoot it, and boy, does that get the smiles going. Then, once we've had some fun, the beautiful smiley pictures are easy because he feels happy. The top portrait was picture #20. I have to admit though, those other ones are keepers too!

Contact me if you are interested in learning more tips about photographing your kids. I teach photography workshops and offer mentoring to cool moms and dads like you who want to learn!

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