Mar 3, 2009

Let's Play: Family Photo Session

I get to gush a little on this post become this awesome family and their absolutely adorable kids are my relatives! Our most recent reunion in Texas let me do a few photo shoots for family members while I was there, and can I just say I am jealous of you Texans?! The light is amazing. Every single day seemed like the ideal day for photos. I'm sure part of it has to do with the level, uncluttered terrain and the time of year. Could you ask for anything better than golden light for two-three hours every single afternoon and morning? My aunt even had a west-facing trampoline perfectly framed with trees. I am so proud of that first photo: a real success in composition, framing, light, and freezing action.

The best thing I like about these photos is how they capture this family's personality. They are a fun, playful family with an amazing amount of energy and devotion to one another. One of my favorites has to be the third one. I don't do angles very often, but that really seemed to work, and the expression on big sister's face is so characteristic of her. I love the photo of sister's melt-down too. (I'm so glad mom wanted that picture! Sometimes you want a picture of your kid at their not-so-photogenic moments.) My favorite one of little brother is the close-up with the slightly glowing ears. What a cutie and such a smiler for someone so young! The face-to-face shot of the parents is another fave. I love including a few couple shots as part of a family photo shoot because mom and dad are the reason that whole family started in the first place. This image definitely captures the absolute delight these two still have about being together. Thanks, guys! Expect your CD soon!

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