Mar 23, 2009

Location Scouting: Old Mill Area

I love, love, love location scouting especially when I find a gorgeous new spot for future shoots. Early Saturday evening I drove down to the Old Mill area of Roswell and shot these photos of the Vickery Creek dam, covered bridge, crumbling walls, and milling equipment remnants in the area. I felt a bit like my mom, an adverturess when it comes to hiking and exploring, while I trekked around the place. Some of the spots were a little tricky to get to, namely that breathtaking view of the dam, but they were worth it. Several shots are for the love of the texture of the place: a forgotten wall crumbling under the ivy, rusting metal wheels, a piece brick wall looking like a rock washed up on the shore. Then, there are the "insert your family/adorable child/senior here" shots where I worked to find the best backgrounds and angles for future shoots. I'm planning on doing quite a bit more location scouting in the near future . . . so stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. WOW! Marchet, these are AMAZING! If we were still in GA I would definately hire you to do our photos here! Love it!