Mar 30, 2009

A Little Bit of Glamorous: College-Age Portraits

You may remember my lovely sister from a previous post about how I do photo processing. I am finally catching up with all the photos I took before my son went to the hospital, and here is the result of today's work.

This session was actually a photo shoot for other family members and my sister was photographer's assistant as well as model for her own photos. She was really a great sport, especially when I wanted to shoot her against a green wall ("Are you sure, Marchet?"), and I love how glamorous she looks in these images.

Some of the ideas for the post-processing were hers: the spot color with all but the eyes, lips, and shirt in black and white (a little vampiric-looking, don't you think?) and the sepia-toned portrait in the middle. Jacob came up with the idea of the third one, a wind-swept glance backward in the "midst of a battle" (he's watching Lord of the Rings right now). I used some textures from Pay It Forward Photography for the second one. I'm just loving textures right now; they add an artistic dimension to an image you can't get in camera. Too cool!

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