May 31, 2010

Family Portrait and Fram-eable Special Edit | Johns Creek GA Family Photographer

When I started Butler Family Photography, I chose our name based on the fact that it would be Jacob and I (and hopefully someday our son) shooting and producing the images. I also wanted to imply that our main focus was family-inspired images. 

It's so hard to get a great photo of everyone altogether in your family, especially a big family, and especially if you try to do it yourself. (I know, I've attempted it with my own.) So we are focused on making images for others that we would want shot of our own family. And would I love a big frame-able Special Edit like this one? Large enough for a 22 x 28 print or canvas. Yes! (You are going to want to see the bigger version. Click on the image to see it.)

A few design notes:
  • Jacob suggested I make the border look a little like the photograph is spilling over a bit onto the image frame. Fun idea, huh?
  • I change the names of the families when posting my designs on the web. Don't they look like they could be Johansens, though?
  • Oh, and a big massive thank you to Jacob who did the incredible editing on the background. It needed a lot more bushes and leaves than were there originally, and he is the master at that
Our clients liked how the image looks in black and white too.

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