May 29, 2010

After Bathtime | Alpharetta GA Children's Photographer

The other day I visited my friend and fellow photographer Diana. Our conversation really got me thinking about my photography and what I can do to grow in my own technique and business practices. Diana also leant me her copy of The Art of Children's Portrait Photography, and today I was really itching to take some photos of my little guy. I'm shooting monochrome (black and white) to really focus on exposure, working with natural light in higher ISOs, and not worrying as much about slightly blurred images as long as what I want in focus is sharp enough. Another big plus -- I'm doing minimal post processing to the photos.

Here's my son right after bath time giggling and playing peekaboo with the towel before bed. Daddy loves the images, so I know I'm on the right track. It's fun to learn!

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