Apr 17, 2009

On Location: Family Photo Session

I had such a great time with this family in part because the location is such an adventure. There are hills to climb, sticks to drag in the dirt, rocks to throw in the creek and lots of interesting spots to shoot in. Dad was especially glad they weren't stuck in a little studio. Mom had some great ideas for poses and backgrounds, and I have to give the kids' uncle a huge thank you. He was great jumping in and out of family shots and wielding a puppet to coax smiles out of the children. Good job!

I'm especially excited to see what photos will make it into mom's blogging, 3 Cute Kids or Deep South Moms. Her writing is funny and honest and totally disarming. I've been a fan since I shot for their extended family last year, so I wanted to make sure to get a gorgeous head shot of her for a bio or profile photo. After you're done enjoying the photos, head over to 3 Cute Kids and read one of my favorite posts: You Can Choose. It's a lot of laughs!

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