Apr 11, 2009

Afternoon at the Park: Grandson and Grandma session

Wills Park is a perfect place to shoot for an active 3-year-old, and my client and her grandson look fabulous in the high-contrast afternoon light. I love all the little moments: the heads together in conversation, the glance backward before going down the slide, the kiss of obvious devotion, and the contemplative look against the wooden playground rails.

Is that SpongeBob on a stick? Yes, it's true. An ice cream treat complete with gumball eyes made the perfect end to our shoot and the perfect subject for a spot color treatment. And that was totally unplanned! The ice cream truck just showed up near the end of our session. Thanks, ice cream man! Oh yes, and thanks to my client who anticipated the spot color and brought the Tonka truck for her grandson to play and sit in. So great!

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