Apr 30, 2009

A Bit of Historic South: Family Portrait Session, Roswell GA

We are relatively new to the South, so my husband and I have been playing tourist and soaking up the culture lately. Roswell has some real treasures, and Barrington Hall is one of them. After scouting out this and a few other locations, we knew Barrington Hall would be the perfect location for this family, and we were so pleased when we got permission to shoot there. My favorite part of the shoot was asking each of the children (except the baby of course) to pick a spot to have their portrait taken. We got some fun character shots that way, and the photos turned out gorgeous. The morning light was so beautiful, I had a hard time turning more than a few of them into black and white. I love the color!

Jacob and I have been busy parents and photographers these past few weeks: location scouting, photographing families, editing photos, making a video for our Great Strides walk, and updating our group on Facebook. (Join the Butler Family Photography group on Facebook if you haven't yet!) I should be tired out, but I'm just exhilarated with the quality of work we've been able to do. I hope you'll agree!


  1. Oh, great location for those! And to corral the entire family and get a family photo. Impressive!

  2. what a location!!!! ANd that is one of the most darling families I have ever seen!