May 22, 2008

Born Traveler

This little lady is a born traveler: Fredricksburg, Rio, and most recently, Paris! She's definitely the most well-traveled baby I know. Check out their family's blog for more on this little globe-trotter. We wanted to make sure to capture this gal's Eiffel Tower necklace and Paris-themed dress, since her American birthday party will have a Paris theme. (She turned one last month in France.) I was also really pleased with some of the last photos from the session. I love the little rim of light outlining the mom and her baby girl.

On another note, you may want to check out Poor Martin's Almanac, where J. D. Jordan posted some additional photos of his wife and baby from my Early Motherhood Project. I can't post all the photos from each shoot, so it's nice to have others do it on their blog.

1 comment:

  1. Marchet, I am so pleased with how our photos turned out! You have a great eye for capturing the nuances of babyhood. I appreciate that you allowed me to give input on what I had in mind while you contributed the talent and experience, capturing some really great shots. Cheers!