May 6, 2008

A Visit from Grandma and Grandpa

Marchet writes:

My son's friend had a visit from his grandparents last week, and we had a great "Grandma and Grandpa photo shoot" with all of them. I also took the opportunity to shoot some couple photos of the two adults, since they admitted they haven't had their photos taken for years. You honestly couldn't tell. They were so comfortable with each other and the camera; it made my job very easy. Bubbles? Sure, that would be fun. Oh, you've got a stick, little guy? Let's all grab a stick and dig!

I think most parents have photos taken of their kids for grandparents as well as for themselves. But many people don't think about a taking photos of kids with their grandparents. It's a fun idea and a whole lot more interesting than the extended family photo where only half of the kids are smiling or even looking at the camera.

By the way, I've finally found a fast way to watermark our photos, so that's a new feature you'll see on our blog. Thanks to Missy Saunders for allowing me to use her logo design on the watermark.

1 comment:

  1. ywfDear Marchet, Thanks again for taking those precious pictures, you caught us so naturaly with Graydon, we had so much fun, those pictures are priceless to us. Kent and I look so at ease, thanks to you talking to us and making us feel so at ease. You can take pictures of us again when the new baby girl gets here.Thanks again, Kent and Diane