Apr 28, 2008

Why Candids?

Candid photography is all about taking risks: you're never really sure if you're going to get the shots you want. You're constantly moving around, trying to get your subjects to fill the frame without interfering with the action, and then there's the background to worry about. But when I look at all of my photos from a session, it's the candids that I love. Why? Candids capture a lot more personality than posed shots. You can see the relationship between subjects when they aren't trying to "look good" for the camera. I am wrapping up my Early Motherhood Project soon, but I was so glad to include this mom and her little one in the series.

This mom and I talked about my style of photography before the shoot, and I mentioned how as a photographer, I can see the beauty in other people that they can't necessarily see in themselves. After the fact, I realized that a lot of that has to do taking candids: we're at our best when playing and laughing and smiling with our families. Check out our Pricing page for rates on a candid family photo session of your own.

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