Apr 29, 2008

New Eyes for a New World

Marchet writes:

This week, I had the privilege of photographing an amazing little one-month-old and his mom for my Early Motherhood Project. Don't those little eyes look like they have a whole galaxy in them? And despite lack of sleep, I think mom looks great! Mom and dad have a great blog that includes a fun "time-lapse" sequence of the pregnancy I think you may enjoy.

Photographing a one-month-old brought so many memories back! Only a year ago, I was in the same situation: a new mom who couldn't quite believe she was actually a parent. I was unsure of my natural abilities, but I was willing to learn and absolutely committed to do the best I could for my little one. As the months passed, I gained more confidence as a mom and I began to enjoy it. I've heard that when a first baby is born, a mother is born too. So, I've learned to be easy on myself as my baby has grown into toddlerhood and I have grown into parenthood. To my model and her little boy, "Welcome to the world, little one, and welcome to parenthood, mom. You're both going to do great!"

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