Apr 15, 2008

Being One

Marchet writes:

My little boy and I spent a great morning at Webb Bridge Park with a friend and fellow blogger who agreed to model for my Early Motherhood Project. Her little guy was busy! He was swinging, playing, eating, smiling, fussing, and even walking as proud as he could be across the floor of the pavilion. Such independence comes with being one, and this little guy was out to prove it!

Today's sunny light made harsh shadows and bright highlights, something I usually try to avoid. However, I found that the contrast was perfect for black and white images like the ones on the slide. It's opportunities like these that help me learn as a photographer. So far, the Early Motherhood Project has been a tremendous success: it's helped me expand my portfolio, get out of the house to meet other moms and babies, and say "thank you" to my models with a free CD of their images. I will be finishing this project in a few weeks, but I'll start a new one after that. Ideas for new projects are welcome!

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