Sep 2, 2014

Your Headshot is your First Impression | Alpharetta, Milton, Roswell Headshot Photographer

Marchet Butler, professional headshot photographer in Alpharetta, Milton, and Roswell explains the importance of a good headshot.

Imagine you have an important interview. You don't worry too much about how you look. Clothes: eh, what you're wearing is fine. Makeup: well, the mascara's still there Hair: it's okay. Breath: oh, better pop in a mint.

Unless you are very sure you are not going to get the job anyway, you wouldn't go to an interview like that. After all, first impressions are important! Here's the thing, though. The first impression isn't in person anymore. It's online.

Clients, interviewers, and other business professionals will Google you before they meet you face to face. And what will they find? Your headshot. (And by the way, here's mine.) Your headshot should show you at your best and present you as an expert in your field. It is your first impression.

Besides families, my specialty is in professional headshots. I have a talent for bringing out the best in my subjects, even in short sessions. I do both indoor studio-style and outdoor headshots, and with professional hair and make-up, you are going to look and feel amazing--and not just for one day either, for each day you see your headshot.

Here are two of my outdoor headshots, taken of Stacy Perkinson and Jackie Gasparre Meyer of Team Perks, Chapman Hall Real Estate. I love how professional yet approachable each of them look in their portraits, and the outdoor setting is appropriate because they are experts in real estate. Also, I have to thank my fabulous hair and makeup artist, Kristin Layne Morris, who comes with my on my shoots when hair and makeup is requested.

I would love to create headshots for you that are just as gorgeous! Contact me for more information about my headshot packages.

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