Sep 15, 2014

Why Headshots are Important for Small Businesses Professionals | Alpharetta GA Headshot Photographer

I'm so excited about my new business cards. As a small business owner, I represent my own brand, so it makes sense that a business card features my portrait.

I made the change because of a conversation with Tamay Shannon, Atlanta small business social media strategist and owner of W2S Marketing. Here's what she she said:
"A good headshot allows people to connect with you because people don't naturally connect with a logo. That's why Coca-Cola and Starbucks have to spend millions of dollars on their marketing and branding. Small businesses don't have that kind of money. So, use what God gives you! People connect with faces because they have a face too. Use your headshot to build back-of-mind familiarity. Use it on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and advertising so people see it and think, 'Hey, I know you. I can trust you. I can do business with you.' "
So, what's stopping you from putting your face on your business card, website, and social media profile? For most people, it's because they 1) don't have a current headshot or 2) hate the headshot they already have. I can help you! (Contact me if you need headshots.)

My headshot sessions are fun and professional, and you'll get great pictures you actually like! Plus, you can request professional hair and make-up. My hair and makeup artist, Kristin Layne Morris, makes my clients look and feel amazing. Here are a few images of Susan, Independent Team Leader with NYR Organic. Hair and makeup by Kristin Layne. Photography and editing by me!

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