Jul 6, 2009

More Historic Roswell: Family Portrait Session

I love Roswell. I'm a sucker for old buildings and historic sites (especially mills) and Roswell is full of them. For this shoot, we chose the Smith Plantation Home in Roswell, a beautiful location I've scouted out before but haven't ever had a chance to use on a shoot.

Mom said she loves black and white images, so besides including more black and white images as part of their selection, I have fun plans for their special edit . . . and am thinking black and white will be a big part of it. Mom also wanted a breastfeeding portrait, so we made sure we did that. Love that little tear! Dad was a wonder at getting his little girl to laugh for the camera (even though she got very tired of the shoot about halfway through). And of course, there's that darling toddler who was most happy climbing up the ladder on one of sides of the houses! Thanks, guys. It was hard work, but I think the work paid off!

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  1. Marchet,I love the close up little girl in black and white. The way her platinum blonde hair just blends with the background is really amazing!