Jul 20, 2009

11 x 14 Storyboard: Special Edit

Here's the special edit from my recent shoot with a family at the Smith Plantation grounds in Roswell. Originally, my clients and I had planned on a spot color of their cute girl in her swim gear (below), but I felt the photo was at its best as a full color image.

So, I suggested a storyboard using some of the awesome group photos we got. Since I knew black and white was mom's favorite, I used the best family shot and then made black and white conversions of three more photos for the "3-peat" row of boxes. The finished product is a gorgeous 11 x 14 suitable for framing.

Storyboards are new for me as a special edit. (Jacob designed the Baby Parts collage we did last year.) But design is not new to me. I based this special edit on some of the guiding principles of design: dominance, white space, contrast, and simplicity. My dad would be so proud! (He's a professor of graphic design at South Dakota State University.) I especially love the subtle detail in the borders: elegant but subtle so as to not draw away from the focus of the entire piece.

I am so excited to offer these one-of-a-kind designs as part of my packages. I'm looking forward to more opportunities for custom designs (business cards, photo collages, Christmas cards . . . )

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