Nov 5, 2008

Golden Light: Family Portrait Session

Among the best times to shoot are the "golden hours" before sunset as was the case for these gorgeous family pictures last weekend. We weren't the only ones taking advantage of the location and light. Another shoot was going on at Bradshaw Lake in Canton, GA while we took our photos. Thankfully, we all stayed out of each other's way and I'm sure everyone got some great images.

I love using the ambient light of the setting sun to highlight the hair and outlines of my subjects while still preserving the details of their faces and clothing. This golden light made my job much easier especially in post processing; no need to adjust the color. The lake also acted as a huge reflector and I was able to get some fun lens flare and semi-silhouette effects.

We started the shoot about 4:45 and ended just before 6:00. According to online Sun and Moon Data, sunset that day was at 6:44 p.m. With daylight standard time and shortening days, I'm checking for light conditions very closely lately.

My son "helped" me process these images this morning and his favorite shot was the fifth one. "Cute!" he said, and "I like it." Yes, our 20-month-old is a talker with a thoroughly adorable baby voice. I like it too, the spontaneous action in the background and a loving mom and son in the foreground. The kids I'm also proud we got a couple nice group shots with the canine member of the family (a real sweetie, but hard to get in the right position!) Finally, my favorites from this shoot are of mom and each of the kids and dad with baby girl on his shoulder. I love capturing moments of parenthood, a real passion of mine.

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