Nov 10, 2008

Fall Leaves: Brothers Portraits

I've been aching to take pictures in this beautiful fall foliage, especially since I know it won't last very long (and also because I've been stuck at home with a sick kiddo). So, I was delighted when the mother of these handsome boys called me for a last minute shoot. "It's just so beautiful. God has made such an amazing world," she said as we planned a portrait shoot for the next day!

I'm glad we jumped at the chance to take the photos early in the week. After a few days, the reds and oranges at Rock Mill Park have disappeared, but those smiles and amazing colors have been preserved on camera. I know Mom's going to love getting some prints of these for Christmas cards or even posting some on her blog. Meanwhile, there's still a lot of beautiful fall beauty to photograph, so watch for a post about that this week. (There, if I write that on my blog, then I'll actually make the time to do it!)

1 comment:

  1. I love the last three. I think I like the 3 brothers better in the black and white.