Jul 21, 2008

Family Photo Shoot at Hembree Park

Saturday, we met a beautiful family at one of Roswell's smaller parks, Hembree Park. We found a lot of great places to shoot, though Jacob reminds me that he had to adapt the environment to make some shots look right. In fact, Jacob was very busy during the shoot: moving sticks and logs out of the stream, shifting a rather heavy garbage can out of the background, and keeping our little toddler happy while steadying me on the step ladder. Thank goodness for great assistants (and husbands)!

Our clients were great! Not only did they wear perfect clothes for the shoot (simple, similar outfits in neutral colors), but they also were easy to work with. Mom and Dad will be celebrating their anniversary this week. Happy Anniversary!

Their daughter impressed me with her self-confidence and outgoing personality. After getting the shots we wanted while she played her violin, I mentioned that she could stop. But the piece was nearly over and she finished with a flair! That's a true musician.

At home, I generally stick to the camera side of things while Jacob handles any special edits. But this time, I wanted a try at it. With a little guidance from Jacob, I added some subtle vignetting and adjusted the levels a bit on the first image of this post. I wanted to emphasize the family without compromising the other details of the stream and rock bed. Here's the original without the vignette. I think those changes made a big difference!

This is my last photo shoot post for a while. I will be taking a small "vacation" after an outpatient surgery this week. It will give me a chance to rest and prepare for the upcoming months before Christmas (typically very busy for photographers).


  1. Thanks, Marchet! I love the pictures so far and can't wait to see the rest! I love the personality you captured of our little girl, as if you had known her forever. Your attention to detail and heart for capturing memories we will treasure make you unique in this business! A special thank you to Jacob for his hard work in that creek bed...and moving that nasty trash can out of the background of the violin picture was truly above and beyond! You two make a great team! :o)

  2. I love these! The violin playing in the grass has really great composition!