Jul 5, 2008

Falling and Catching

Success! Finally, I have some great falling and catching pictures to show off! The little boy is the son of my good girlfriend and my husband's coworker, and these shots were taken at a company picnic close to sunset. I've been working on getting this kind of action shot whenever we are together and Daddy is playing with his boy. You really need to click on the first photo to see the larger version. I love the bit of motion you can see in that first shot. The second one (actually taken before the first) shows how high that Daddy can toss his toddler. Whoa!

In addition to getting these photos, Daddy also received a fun photo book lately. My girlfriend put together some of the photos from her own collection and some from the shoots I have done with her family to create a photo book for Father's Day. Here's one of my favorite spreads with a couple photos I took to go with the poem, "My Daddy's Shoes." That's one of the great things about having a CD of images from your photo shoot. You can make fun photo gifts like this with professional photos!

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