Mar 27, 2008

Real Babies, Real Moms


My Early Motherhood Project is off to a great start! I have a few more moms lined up to model for me, but am looking for more. Details are available on an earlier post: Early Motherhood Project.

Today, this little 6-month-old ran the gamut of emotions during our photo shoot: sleepy, hungry, angry, scared, confused, and absolutely desolate! Fortunately for us, little miss also had some smiles behind the tears. We spent the first half of the photo shoot trying to sooth a teething set of gums and helping little miss become acclimated to the camera. Even though the situation may have been a bit distressing, I have to admit, I still loved it! This is what I've been wanting to do for months: shoot photos of real babies and real moms.

After little miss calmed down, we took her outside to sit in the grass for the first time. She didn't wait very long before grabbing that fistful of grass. Let's add one more emotion to today's list: curious!


  1. This shoot was fabulous! Marchet was so patient with my fussy little one and even with the unhappiness, she got many great shots. I am so happy to support a motherhood project such as this and am very impressed with her work! Thanks again!

  2. I would've never guessed she was fussy- I think these are some of my favourite shots I've seen!