Mar 29, 2008

Excuse me. May I take your picture?

Marchet writes:

This Saturday, we took our little family to the Alpharetta Children's Festival at Wills Park. Along with balloons, face-painting, the puppet show, and the petting zoo, we found some wonderful people willing to pose for impromptu portraits. I've taken to carrying incidental model release forms wherever I go now just in case.

I love having the opportunity to offer a free e-mailed photo or two in exchange for a new face to shoot. These people were no exception. The family at the top of this post were kind enough to move to an area where we could have a neutral background (between an ice cream truck and a cotton candy vendor). And their cute daughter gave me the biggest smile after the "official" family portrait was taken.

The young woman and her chihuahua, Romeo, caught my eye right away. Their similar coloring made them a striking pair. Pose for a picture? No problem; her mom's a photographer too.

The father of the green-clad baby only had eyes for his daughter. That little one might not remember the magic show at the Children's Festival, but we won't forget that angelic face.

So, if you're in a park and meet a brown-haired mom toting a camera, don't be surprised if she asks, "Excuse me. May I take your picture?" It might be me. And the next post might just be about you!

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