Mar 30, 2015

Family Means Everything | Alpharetta Family Photographer

How long has it been since you had a family portrait made? A year? Two years or more? Never? My family was in the "Never" category for a long time until, and then, we had a beautiful professional portrait taken of the whole family--all seven of us--my last year at home. That picture is one of the reasons I became a photographer. It is literally the only one I have of my entire family in my youth, and it is a precious piece of our family legacy. We have only ever been all together again only twice since then, and you can bet I took our family portraits!

When kids grow older, there are windows of time when family is all together--graduations, holidays, weddings, and holiday breaks. These are the times when I am called to create images of a whole family to preserve both the memory and the legacy of these amazing people. Oh, and dare I mention that it's fun too? 

This family--personal friends as well as clients--had a blast at their portrait session. There was ample goofing around behind the camera, but we came away with beautiful family portraits that will last for generations.

Contact me for more information about family portraits this spring . . . it's getting beautiful out there!

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