Jan 1, 2015

Photo Restoration | Professional Retouching

Alpharetta GA Photographer Offers Photo Restoration

Besides portrait photography, I often get asked to retouch and restore a old photograph. I had a very special commission to for a wonderful Christmas present for this couple. Here are the results of my photo restoration work.

You can see that the original was badly damaged. After I had finished removing the spots and the lines , I also had to fix some of the photographic errors of the image as well -- namely the overexposure on the bride's face and dress and the underexposure of the groom's face. Then, because I'm a fan of the hand-colored photographs of that time, I also made a colored version of the black and white.

We ended up with a gorgeous 11x14 archival print in a 16x20 mat. (And I think the original was only 2x3!) The couple was thrilled!

If you have a photo that needs to be restored, contact me. I'd be happy to get you an estimate.

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