Nov 19, 2012

Workshoppin' it! | Atlanta GA Photography Workshops

Photographer Marchet Butler teaches Atlanta GA Photography Workshops

I'm so excited to show off some of the photos from Saturday's Day of Photography Workshops. We had such a great time getting deep into composition, camera controls, and light. Our models were great--posing for us and letting us take the time get camera settings right! We shot both indoor and outdoors with natural light, and even had enough time to take eachother's headshots.

As you will notice, I keep workshop sizes small (only 2 to 5 participants), and that's on purpose. When I taught larger workshops, I felt that the students didn't have the time and one-on-one attention that they really needed to come away from the day feeling successful. Here are some comments from the participants:
"I thought Marchet did a fantastic job! I learned so much both in terminology and hands on. It's great to have a packet of information to leave the workshop with."
"I considered myself an intermediate photographer but was so surprised at how much additional info I learned. The instruction helped put it all together. Love that I have materials to take home."
I will be teaching another Day of Photography workshops in January, and I am so excited to offer an additional Advanced Photography workshop as well. Please contact me for more details!

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  1. The angle showing the students learning their art gives a wonderful behind-the-scenes perspective.

    Also, following that with portrait quality images of the workshop participants with the tool of their craft beautifully depicts "art at work".

    In a word...lovely