Nov 27, 2012

One Week Old | Alpharetta Newborn Photographer

Whew! I have done SOOO much today . . . (with the help of an awesome hubby who took care of my sick little guy and ran errands for me while I worked). On days like these, I'm full of energy and ideas. Here's what I did:

  • Shot newborn session
  • Packaged client orders
  • Did laundry
  • Delivered client orders (I felt like Santa Claus!)
  • Researched brand packaging
  • Went Grocery shopping
  • Worked on dishes
  • Finished editing and designing our family's Christmas card
  • Ordered Christmas cards
  • Thought it would be nice to have BFP-branded thank you cards
  • Designed thank you cards
  • Ordered thank you cards
  • Decided to reward myself by editing one portrait from today's session
  • Edited cutie below
  • Oh, and wrote this blog post

Now I think I'm sleepy enough to go to bed. Good night!