Mar 15, 2011

In Town and At Home | Norcross GA Family Photographer

My husband recently told me that I have an aversion to doing laundry. I had to admit it, he's right. I don't mind washing or drying them too much--it's the rest of it. I don't like folding clothes. Or hanging them. Or putting them away. Don't even ask me about ironing. So during the week, we usually have either: a) a mountain of washed laundry piled in the living room b) various piles of laundry in semi-folded states c) a couch full of laundry to put away depending on how much laundry I'm able to stand that day.

Perhaps the reason I don't like laundry is because I'd much rather be doing photography. That's something I can do for hours and hours!

Come to think of it, I don't know many artists who are good housekeepers. Maybe it's just the way we are.

Enjoy these portraits from one of my shoots in the city and at the clients' home!

This is my favorite!

(Psst...the above photo made a fabulous GiclĂ©e Canvas Gallery Wrap!)

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  1. What a beautiful family! And those boys are just too stinking cute!! Way to catch that sparkle in their eyes.