Mar 4, 2011

Hoodies, Deadlines, and Family Pictures | Roswell GA Family Photographer

Life is busy around here. It's my son's birthday party tomorrow. So, we've been baking and decorating, making train-themed art for the walls and anticipating 10 little friends and their parents for a big bash.

Photography-wise, I'm busy too. I've got images to edit from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation event I shot this week. There are several upcoming shoots and a portrait workshop to plan. And of course, I'm working on editing these family's images. But busy is good. When work is going well, my life tends to follow suit.

I think it's the deadlines that help. I generally schedule a sneak peek of a client's shoot a week to a week and a half after our session. Then, in another week and a half, I have the rest of the images done. It keeps things moving. So, yes, I love deadlines and due dates. And I think being responsible to another person or family really helps. Now if only I could get that to work for laundry . . . 

Here are some pictures from last Saturday's shoot. Don't you love that old wall? Can I just say, hoodies are the best. I love how they frame the face! Oh, I think that second picture is so adorable, especially considering sibling pictures are just about the hardest to get. And the reason I chose the last image? Because this kind of shot is nearly impossible to get unless you have a pro photographer who can capture this kind of moment: so beautiful and so real. Gosh, I love my job.

Update: Here are some favorites f more from the rest of the gallery. I love them!

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