Apr 3, 2010

Photog Mom and Kids: Mentoring Session

I usually post my own work as the first photo, but I love, love, love the image above, and I was certainly part of the process. My good friend and aspiring photographer Leah shot with me during a mentoring session with her kids. We worked a bit on group posing and after looking at her shots, I suggested she get closer, much closer, to her subjects. I was playing photo assistant and holding the umbrella to shade the kids while Leah shot. I love the angle, the faces, the catch lights in the eyes . . . only when we got the shot we wanted, one or the other of the kids wasn't looking as darling as they were in the previous shot or vice versa. Sooooo . . . I told her to send me the files and with a bit of post processing work, I made a composite of this amazing trio. Hurray! That was a fun collaboration.

The rest of the session is filled with favorites like the next photo--every photog loves having pictures of them at work, especially if their darling model is their son.

Enter Jacob, husband and dad extraordinaire, taking this awesome picture of us girls at work. The model? My little boy! (Unfortunately, he wouldn't hold still long enough for us to get good shots of him there--imagine that, a son of a photographer being tired of having his picture taken.) But Jacob took a lot of great shots of him while we were working with Leah's kids. See his photos on our Peter's Pavement Pounders website.

This one will be a portfolio piece for me, so characteristic of my photography style.

Oh, I just adore this one . . . If you look very closely, you can see me in the reflection of the baby's eyes! I was holding my camera out to the side and above my head to get a better angle. 

Can't see it? Okay, sorry. Here ya go:

I love working with lens flare!

These ones from Leah are so scrumptious! The baby's little pouty lips and big eyes make these photos. I'm also so glad we were able to get some genuine smiles out of big brother. Sometimes that's hard to do. Check out more of Leah's work at: http://leahbellphoto.blogspot.com/. And make sure to check out my mentoring session rates. I'd love to teach and shoot with you!

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