Feb 13, 2010


This is pretty much my favorite family photo ever taken. Fun, candid, well-lit, and yes, we did it ourselves. Tripod, auto timer, and a chance wind that blew the snow in front of the lens. I love how my mouth is totally huge; Jacob looks like he's doing magic; and our little buddy is about to be hit by my snowball. (He got me back though!)

With a snow storm in Georgia, everyone's out taking pictures, and since I've been working on self-portraits lately, I had picture-taking on my agenda this morning. After a few less-than-successful tries, I grabbed the boys and we did a few more with Jacob. And yes, we are such photo nerds that we often coordinate our clothing just in case we want to take a family portrait. Happy Snow Day!


  1. Yes, I think I love that family photo too! And the matching, "just in case" makes me love you all the more!!!

  2. This definitely makes me want to do more self-family portraits. If you can believe it, the whole "adventure" only took 15 minutes or so until Jacob and my boy were two cold to be outside anymore. We had a great time!