Feb 11, 2010

Little Shopper

I just had to share this photo of my little guy. That expression just cracks me up. (He knew I was taking his photo and played it up!) We recently found a little shopping cart at the thrift store, and it came in handy when we had to drop the our car off at the mechanic's and walk home. I pushed the stroller with the baby (a sweet little girl we babysit during the week) and he pushed his cart beside me. The walk is a short one, but I know we put a smile on a lot of people who passed us in their cars.

A game our little boy played that night was "shopping." I was making dinner and he came in the kitchen with his cart. I put things in his cart I wanted him to "buy." He then pushed his cart over to Jacob who was working at the computer.

"Daddy. I buy dis. Here's my wallet."

Jacob took the item, "scanned" them with the red laser light on the mouse ("Beep!") and then loaded up his cart once more. "Thank you for shopping at Daddy's store! Come again."

We played this game for quite a while. Today, he played it again even without Jacob. It was so cute to see him use the mouse ("Beep!") to scan his items. I just adore my sweet boy!

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  1. Next time let me know and I will give you a ride home. What a cute story!