Nov 20, 2009

Teaching and Photography

Lately I've been combining my love of photography with my love of teaching. It's a thrill to take something I'm passionate about and share it with others in plain language that they can understand. (And photography is filled with odd vocabulary--aperture, white balance, ISO, shutter speed, exposure . . . )

Anyway, this summer, I taught a photo class to the young women at my church. Then a friend of mine told me she wished I'd offer to teach the "young at heart." In fact, she's not the only one who has expressed an interest in learning more about photography. So last night, despite the fact that I'm crazy-busy with editing and shooting lately, I held my first Photo Club meeting for other moms interested in learning how to improve their photography. We shared food, had a friendly critique of our best photos, laughed at my examples of silly mergers (sometimes I take a photo with a merger just because it's funny!), and talked shop about photos. I ate way too many Doritos and Almond Roca. Oh yes, and whoever brought the chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, they were delicious . . . all of them. (Cookies are my Achilles' Heel!)

It's so cool to teach other people what took me years to learn on my own. And besides hosting Photo Club, I'm starting to do in-person and online mentoring with other budding photographers for a budget-friendly price. It's awesome! (And way better than laundry or dishes, which explains the state of my home right now.) So, if you are interested in working with me or learning with me, drop a me line on my contact page. I know some of you are getting new cameras for Christmas (woohoo!) and are going to need someone to teach you. That someone could be me!

Isn't this kid precious? His mom is one of my Photo Club members, and I took a series of photos of her boys in her backyard! It was so cool to find a little spot to do portraits as a surprise for her birthday.


  1. Well I'm certainly happy that you decided to do this photo club! It is so great! We will learn so much from you.

    I just love this photo of Tanner! I am thrilled you captured it - that is totally Tanner! Thank you Marchet!

  2. Marchet,

    Really looking forward to the mentoring!

  3. Marchet, Stacey commented on my blog that she would love to be a part of this photo club. Also, have you invited Misty?

  4. Audra--Thanks for letting me know. I'll contact Stacey and Misty! I know the Photo Club is going to grow. It's so exciting!

  5. Marchet,
    Thank you so much for your love of teaching and photography. You have been such a good teacher and I am always so anxious to get to my new assignment every month.