Nov 18, 2009

Gorgeous Fall Family: Family Portrait Session (repost)

I love my clients! Especially in this case because in my first version of this post, my original images were off color. My client mentioned that the brown from one of the family photos was right, and so I reworked the color on all the other ones based on that photo. It was a pretty simple fix after I figured out the first one (a tweak to the color temperature and a bit of contrast and levels adjustment). I am so thrilled that they new versions turned out so nice, and I even had time to finish more family photos than in the original post. Yay!

So much of a photo shoot happens before and after the actual hour or so it takes to take the pictures. There's the location to pick, the research on photography styles a client wants, the poses and "unposes" to think about, the clothing to choose . . .(Yes, I do advise on clothing for just about every shoot!) Then, there's the paperwork, the phone and in-person chats, and of course lots and lots sorting, editing, and post processing. (Especially with a repost like this one.) This is custom work! But that's the thing that makes us different than a photo studio in a big box store or at the mall. And I love that. It's the reason we went into business in the first place.

Yet, even with all the planning and orchestration, every photo shoot feels like magic when it comes together and you get photos like these. For me, it happened as Jacob was editing the individual head shots of the little sisters. He took the RAW files of admittedly very cute portraits and with some meticulous work--Jacob has always been very good at that--transformed them into images even more exquisite and delicate.

And then the family portraits. There's something about a formal family portrait in the gorgeousness of the fall that I just love. The color, the setting, the moment of cooperation between all kids to look and smile for the camera, and the harmony of the color and light coming together to form something that is incredibly beautiful and peaceful and real. Thanks to this gorgeous family for the opportunity to make some amazing images with them!

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